Gulliver Australia was established in 2021 in response to many requests from Japanese customers seeking  vehicle support in Australia. Accessing IDOM’s expansive network of dealers and buyers, our Japanese speaking advisors provide support when buying and selling cars. 

This exclusive service is provided by Gulliver Japan car buying experts, who are familiar with both Japanese and Australian markets. This service provides peace of mind for people looking to buy, sell or trade vehicles  in Australia.


Gulliver Australia Services

Looking for the right car

Are you a Japanese speaking person living in Australia who is looking to find a great car for you and your family? Our team is here to help! A Japanese speaking team of experts from Gulliver Japan are here in Australia to provide the same level or service you know and love. 

Selling or trading a car

Selling your car to buy a new one or if you are leaving Australia, we can assist with all aspects of the sale. We help you prepare your vehicle for sale and then help you find a buyer. We will then negotiate the best sale price on your behalf and help prepare the documentation. 

Purchasing a car

We help you find the perfect car to meet your needs, quickly and hassle-free. By tapping into our extensive and trusted dealer network across Australia, we’ll source and  recommend the best new or used cars available.  Once we find you the right car, we continue to support you during the purchase process, assisting with any documentation.

Car maintenance or repair

Maintaining your vehicle in Australia is very important, especially when driving long distances visiting many places in this beautiful country. We have a wide range of car service and repair partners across Australia who can help with any problem. We assist in making a booking and help translate the repair reports if needed. 

Meet the Gulliver Australia team

Kenji Tanaka

  • Joined the company in 2008,  in the call centre, receiving a quality service advisor award
  • Assigned to the Gulliver store in 2014
  • Promoted to Store Manager in 2017
  • Recognised with a highly regarded company award in 2019 for Best Store
  • Relocated to Australia to manage the Australia team in 2021

Fumiko Torigoe

  • Joined the company in 2017, in a sales role at a Gulliver store
  • Promoted to assistant manager in 2020
  • Relocated and joined Gulliver Australia in 2022
お子様の留学のためオーストラリアに来てすぐに車が必要の方。 日本に居ながら契約しオーストラリアに到着しすぐに納車 オーストラリアのカーライフを楽しんでください。 Gulliver was able to help a Japanese customer who needed a car as soon as he arrived in Australia. We were able to organise the right car while he was still in Japan and have it delivered immediately upon his arrival in Australia.
Melbourne, VIC
駐在員のM様 弊社にてお手放し有難うございます。 ご家族との思い出いっぱいの車両とのお別れは寂しいですが弊社で責任もって良いオーナー様へお届け致します。 奥様のお車、お乗り換え、サイズダウン Mr M was another happy customer after Gulliver successfully sold his used car when he decided to return to Japan.
Melbourne, VIC
オーストラリアに長年お住いのK様 渡豪してからずっと大事に乗られていたお車からのお乗り換え。 車の購入、分からないことばかり、 お車選びからご納車まで全てサポートいたします。 Despite Ms K living in Australia for many years, she found the process of finding the right vehicle to purchase very difficult. Gulliver was able to support her through the entire process from selecting the vehicle to delivery.
Melbourne, VIC


オーストラリアでの車の購入・売却・整備など車に関わるお客様の負担が少しでも少なくなるように、 日・豪の車事情を熟知した専任のスタッフが常駐し、 車に関わる全てのサービスを安心して受けていただけるように精一杯サポート致します。