Technology and Innovation

IDOM’s Technology and Innovation Team is where the magic happens. We think outside the box and are a rapidly growing team who are obsessed with creating market leading automotive solutions for our customers.

Our Technology and Innovation Pillars

Delivering Leading Solutions

We are passionate about delivering best-in class and cutting edge solutions for our customers. We combine Human Centered Design, Lean Agile Methodologies and seek the best tech solutions to maximise our customer experience..

Customer Focused

Being Customer Focused is the cornerstone of our business. We are focused on every interaction with our customers in order to create experiences and build product offerings which are market-leading and unforgettable.  


Collaboration is baked into our ethos, attitude and how we approach our work. We respect our employees unique capabilities and together we can produce higher quality work. This is also how we approach work with our Technology Partners and most importantly, our Customers.


Culture of Innovation

We value and support fresh ideas and out of the box thinking to build our magic. Each employee is fully empowered to drive innovation and create solutions which is a key enabler to our high performance. 


We use the latest digital technologies such as AI, Process Automation, Integration Services, Data Analytics to empower transparent and simplified automotive ecosystems and solve customer pain points. 

Research & Development

We have our eye on the future through our partnership with RMIT, the IDOM Innovation Centre, where we will explore, develop and commercialise simplified automotive solutions in areas such as AI,  blockchain, augmented and virtual reality and the circular economy.

IDOM Partnerhip with RMIT 

IDOM Innovations and RMIT are working together to build a long-term partnership and a world-class research and development centre that re-imagines the future automotive ecosystems.  

By partnering with RMIT, IDOM will cultivate a fantastic workforce of skilled talent through scholarships, internships, training and bilateral exchanges.

People we work with

IDOM technology news

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IDOMi Innovation Centre

We are excited to announce that the IDOMi Innovation Centre in partnership with RMIT has been opened. 

New Platform launch for AutoFlip

The IDOMi technology and development team have successfully launched a new buying platform for the AutoFlip Enterprise business. This project was completed within two months, a huge success for our quickly growing tech team. 

Careers at IDOM

IDOM Innovations are growing quickly, we are always looking for the best talent to join our team and become part of a company who will change the world of automotive technology.