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IDOM Launches in VIC

IDOM Innovations, a subsidiary of Japan’s leading used car distribution company IDOM Inc., is excited to announce the launch of its new global headquarters and The IDOM Innovation Centre (IIC), in Melbourne, with support from the Victorian Government (Invest Victoria).

IDOM Innovations was established in 2019 with the vision to be the future of global automotive solutions through new technologies, innovation, and transparency. IDOM Innovation CEO Takayoshi Udagawa said,

“The decision to establish the head office and IIC in Melbourne was a natural choice as the city’s vibrant tech ecosystem will assist us in creating innovative technologies and access to highly skilled local talent and tech graduates from leading universities. The support from Invest Victoria was also an important part of our decision to choose Melbourne as the launchpad for simplified global automotive solutions.”

Minister for Economic Development Tim Pallas, speaking about IDOM Launching in Victoria, said,

Through our economic recovery, we want to build an economy designed for the future, where we can tackle modern challenges, so it’s fantastic that we are attracting this kind of investment to the state.”

Through collaboration with the University sector and tech partners here in Melbourne, IDOM Innovations will invest in research and development and create pragmatic technology solutions, accelerating speed to market and sustainable growth while creating a diverse environment to attract and inspire highly talented people.

President of IDOM Inc. Yusuke Hatori explained why Melbourne was selected and spoke of its rich automotive history,

“The global automotive industry is going through a period of change that we have not seen for 100 years. IDOM has always been customer-focused and made changes without being bound by the conventional distribution model. We will continue to redefine the entire value chain of automotive distribution and build new innovative solutions. Melbourne has long been the centre of Australia’s automotive industry, a state packed with people, services, and capabilities. Melbourne will become a place where new models of global automotive distribution will continue to emerge. We are committed to being a part of that.”